A Budget Bride in Brooklin Ontario

Weddings are a lot of work – they take even more effort when you decide to keep them within a small budget.

Chris and I are both thrifty people and we pride ourselves on saving money which is why we knew we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on our wedding. The whole thing totaled to approximately $8500.00 with 75 guests (I’ll explain how I came to win my wedding gown from Revival Bridal Boutique in a later post)!

We got engaged in October of 2015 and we were lucky enough to have a nearby photographer (Rosenlee Photography) snap a couple candid photos of the proposal!


We decided on an August 2016 wedding for scheduling reasons that gave us nine months to plan our DIY wedding. On top of a shorter time period than the average bride, I was in the fourth year of my undergraduate degree and had taken on writing a 93 page honours thesis. All my hard work ended up being worth it when I graduated top of my class with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Digital Media Studies this past spring and had a beautiful wedding this past August.

After many cuts, folds, tape, sweat, and love, family members and friends helped us decorate the multi-purpose room in Brooklin’s community centre/library on the morning of our wedding. By 11:30am we were off to get all dolled-up and try to avoid the inevitable bad weather. Our wedding was indoors, but we still had hopes of outdoor photos that we were lucky enough to get in-between bouts of pouring rain. We married on Saturday, August 13th, 2016. Although it had barely rained all summer, our wedding day welcomed what CBC News claimed was the “most significant storm of summer.” This resulted in less than perfect hair, but we smiled through it all and pushed through.

We decided on a pre-ceremony reveal so that we could take photos with our fur-baby. Just in case anyone gave me a hard time, I researched the origin of the not seeing the bride before the wedding tradition. It is one of the least romantic traditions that I have ever read about:

In a galaxy far, far away (actually on earth, but it was a long time ago), when fathers decided which bachelor would suit his needs best rather than his daughters’, the groom wasn’t allowed to see his bride until the last second. This privacy measure was only taken so that the groom would be less likely to call off the wedding if he found his bride unattractive (The Surprising Truths Behind Common Wedding Superstitions).

Chris and I decided that we’d be okay without keeping this tradition alive.

We had a short non-denominational ceremony with our own written vows and exited to The Distillers song “Beat Your Heart Out” (I let Chris choose, but I really loved it). We had the reception in the same room that we had the ceremony in and proceeded to re-enter promptly to share our first dance to Joe Strummer’s “Mondo Bongo.” Our guests joined us after a couple minutes of this beautiful six-minute song and the night went swimmingly for the rest of the night. After a very successful day, our friends helped us clean up and we were home by 3:30am.

Here is a collection of photos from our wedding day taken by musician and photographer Caitlin Currie.

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