Honeymoon Part 1 – (Canada) Tuesday, August 16, 2016 – Our Flight:

This is the first of a series of posts featuring our Barcelona Honeymoon Adventure!

Me excited to be on the same moving walkway that’s featured in Feist’s “My Moon My Man” music video.

I was excited for our honeymoon flight to Spain. My memories of my first time flying were a little foggy so it almost felt like my first time on a plane, it was definitely to be my longest flight at seven hours in length. I had never left the continent and was unbelievably excited to get to Barcelona.

We flew with Air Canada Rouge and had hoped that there would be screens with films to pass some time on such a long ride, but alas there was not (we did save money by choosing them of course). As people filed onto the plane, the flight attendants announced that they had hoped that everyone had already downloaded the latest update of Air Canada’s in-flight app which provided a small selection of television programs and films. Chris and I looked at each other and remarked at how silly it was for them to inform us after we had already boarded the plane – without Wifi. We quickly turned on a hotspot, but not expecting to use my phone on the flight I hadn’t bothered charging it – it died almost immediately. We grabbed the cord, plugged it in, hoped that my garbage phone would restart quickly, started the app download, and crossed our fingers. It was the slowest download that has ever downloaded, we silently cheered when there was a delay on the ramp. The app took nearly twenty minutes to finish and without the delay we would not have been movie-less.

Pre-flight wait.

The plane took off and I enjoyed rising above the clouds as my ears continually adjusted to the pressure – we were finally on our way to Barcelona! The in-flight app had a moderately older selection, but I was pleased to see that it had a film I had watched and loved while Chris was away that I was dying to show him: Woody Allen’s Irrational Man. This 2015 movie was recently on Netflix and I hadn’t realized whom the director was nor what the plot was going to be about until I was halfway in. I had originally watched it alone, thinking that it was an independent Rom-Com starring Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix – this is not what it is. I highly recommend this movie despite the low 44% Rotten Tomatoes rating; the story unravels into an incredibly interesting plot involving questionable ethics in life choices, discovery of one’s life purpose, and murder schemes – I love this film.

With five hours left, I took to finishing the latest Janet Evanovich novel while Chris watched The Wedding Singer (hilarious film). I always wondered why Chris rarely sleeps on his flights home from work, but now I know how difficult it is. I barely slept at all, I have chronic back and neck pain issues which made trying to sleep on a plane even harder. This made my dream of visiting New Zealand seem a little crazier as it would be a much longer flight! It was morning in Barcelona when we descended, six hours ahead of Toronto to be exact, approximately 9:00am and the sun was shining bright.

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