Honeymoon Part 4 – (Barcelona) Friday, August 19, 2016 – Day 3:

This is the fourth entry in a series of posts featuring our Barcelona Honeymoon Adventure!

13194 Steps:

Chris and I ended up sleeping in again today on our new later schedule. We decided that today was going to be a bit more relaxing since we are planning on doing a day trip to Girona tomorrow. I’m definitely the kind of person who appreciates a rest day.

We got ready and took the metro to the beach. We figured that we needed to be able to say that we went to the beach at least once on our trip and I got to go in the Mediterranean Sea which is a big deal for me! It was a very sunny day so we only tanned for a half hour or so before packing it in. We had read that the further down the beach you go the less touristy it becomes, but the area was still very packed. We got off the metro yellow line at the Ciutadella Villa Olympica stop and walked south-east to the shore line, I’d suggest trying to go even further down to see if it’s more isolated.

What I love about the beach in Barcelona is how many older women feel comfortable going topless and how many older men feel secure enough to wear Speedos. I had considered going topless for the experience, but the self-conscious Canadian in me held me back. Besides topless ladies and Speedo-‘covered’ men, I’d like to comment on the ratio of gorgeous women to men. There were so many beautiful young women in extremely sexy bikinis at the beach we went to, but only a handful of young men. I’ve seen you in the city guys, why do you not go to the beach? Heterosexual men and lesbians of Barcelona, go to the beach, your odds of meeting attractive women multiplies there by approximately 100x.

Our favourite photo of the entire trip.

Chris and I aren’t big beach people, but we took a selfie with an oblivious sweet old man in the background (he was sweet because his significant other rested on the towel that they had brought and he stood by her side the whole time, without a towel of his own – he may have been enjoying the views I mentioned earlier though). This photo may actually be my favourite of the trip because of his oblivious photo-bombing. We got a little colour on our skin without getting burnt and headed back to the metro. We picked up some apples, prosciutto, and Havarti cheese slices at the store and had a super affordable lunch in the apartment. We drank some wine with it, had showers and tried to figure out our next plans on the laptop.

Before getting on the metro we went to McDonalds because they actually do some gluten free options in Barcelona! Chris had been missing the odd gross burger (I’m not a fan) and I got a much needed ice cream cone so it all worked out. We decided to check out some shopping as we like to believe that we are thrifty people who know when to tell each other to “treat yo’ self.”  THE shopping area in Barcelona turned out to be full of expensive designer stores that we wouldn’t want to spend excessive money on – it’s “treat yo’ self,” not “go broke for one pair of jeans.” I did however find a small shop tucked away on a side street called Melocoton that had excellent clothes and even better prices! We quickly realized that this was not the shopping district for us and returned to the apartment for the second time (MORE STAIRS).

Our stairwell/vacation exercise equipment. Photo by Chris Bowman.

We wanted to find a gluten-free restaurant nearby so that we didn’t take the metro for the millionth time in one day. It was a fantastic idea. We found a sandwich place called Conesa, it was about a half hour wait in line, but the prices were amazing and so was the food. We ate our sandwiches on the steps of an old parliament building and took in the sights of the streets.

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is that there are so many small side streets that each have more beauty and history than most of the architecture that I’ve seen in North America in my whole life. Architecture alone –graffiti and all – makes Barcelona easily the most romantic place that I’ve ever been in. We stumbled across a store with good prices and cute purses so I got a new one to replace my Varage Sale find that is looking a little rough.


As we continued walking I was able to pet a handful of dogs, trying out the new phrase that I insisted on learning from the internet “puedo acairciar a tu perro” (can I pet your dog). We found a closed in square where we sat on the steps of a historic building and listened to live acoustic flamenco music being performed by a man on the patio of a restaurant. On our walk back to the apartment we also got to hear an older man singing a beautiful opera solo in the streets.


We finally got back to the apartment and climbed the four flights of stairs for the third time in one day that had left me exhausted and ready for our early night before our journey to Girona tomorrow. Chris and I say with our feet up, sipping glasses of wine, and resting – wining while unwinding.

Rest day = not many photos, but the Girona day trip makes up for that! 

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