Official Blog Schedule: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Hi everyone,

Now that my honeymoon series of entries has concluded, I’m going to be posting twice a week. I’m really excited to write and share my ideas, experiences, and opinions with you.

As I’ve been ‘discovering’ new bloggers on WordPress, I have continually been inspired by pieces of writing. I was always told that reading makes you a better writer, but after finishing a 400 page fictional novel it’s overwhelming to think “I’d love to write a book” and knowing I would never have time for that.

Reading blogs is the perfect amount of fuel for motivating me to write and I hope that they inspire others to do the same. Writing blog posts is a doable feat so try it out if you feel the urge!

My ideal posting days will officially be Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be trying my best to stick to this schedule and look forward to posting next week!

Until then, don’t forget to read (books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc.)!

Three of my favourite blogs so far:

Travels with Choppy

The Imperfect Lady

DINKs Go Coastal


Me reading on a Muskoka beach a few weeks ago.

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