Suburbs and Second Breakfast Schedule Update

Hey everyone,

Now that I’m working full-time, I’ve decided to write every other week, but will share a #Throwbackthursday photo (from my Instagram account) with a little more insight into the photo.

Here’s a photo of some of the frames on my dresser. On the left is a favourite photo of my husband, late dog Daquiri, and I on our wedding day last August. It’s in a frame gifted to us from my now mother in law at my bridal shower. The middle green frame reminded me of my grandmother who I had become close with before she passed away. I placed one of my favourite photos of my grandmother in it after she died so that I can think of her on a regular basis. 

The far right fram contains a photo of my sister and brother in law from about ten years ago (just after they met). I love having such an old photo, but the truth is I’ve been meaning to update it for years! 

These three photos are part of s collection of photos that make me smile that I keep on my dresser and I really do look at each of them often (makes dusting them not so bad)!

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